Our Program

Family-involved Christian Education.

  • The private school operated by the TACC delivers all the core of a 3rd through 12th grade education.
  • Brain skill assessment and development is available for all students both within the TACC school and from other educational venues in the community.
  • Acredititation is available for high school diplomas via Ignitia’s online school dual enrollment for senior year.
  • TACC recognizes that the very best educational result available to children is an environment where they are known, heard, loved, nurtured, trained, and educated. This is best fostered by a setting where family members can be involved in daily education. That is why TACC educates in a collective environment where parents are encouraged to support, and when possible, teach their children. Families are supported by other parents who share their mission to raise the next generation in the fear of God and love of Jesus Christ.
  • All basic core subjects are taught at the TACC.
  • Where expertise is present within the collective families of the TACC, a parent or approved adult may teach segments of the TACC program to multiple students with TACC staff acting as teacher’s aides helping to facilitate learning.
  • Internet, video, and other recorded or live media are added to the educational programming to enhance learning.
  • Parents receive support not only from TACC programming and administration but also from the other families within the collective. This support is relational, educational, and Spiritual.
  • Spiritual development and growth are as much a focus as academic progress and are woven into the TACC programming day. Parents and students alike are empowered and encouraged to grow in their commitment to Christ, each other, the Church, and Christ’s call upon them to their community and world. While TACC does not seek to be a church in the traditional sense, TACC does seek to facilitate relationships within the greater ecumenical body of Christ and build unity within His kingdom and strength within His people.

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