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TACC programs are designed to partner with families, and churches to develop and reinforce Christian character in the next generation. When character is properly developed, life course is set to prosper.  Daily time with God and His Son, Jesus, help to mold students into the people the creator would have them be. As part of this, chapel and small group time are a daily part of the TAC programs. Rather than once a week on Sundays, TAC puts Jesus in the center of daily experience.

Each student is individually evaluated so that academics can be customized to their level and ability.  This means that students are able to work independently, progressing at their own measured pace.

TAC students use the Alpha Omega Ignitia Curriculum which provides the best in advanced Christian education expressing Biblical values and worldview.

The TAC Center school is a Tuesday through Friday program. The school day begins at 8:25 and runs through 2:30.

Mondays are a love-of-learning day where students and parents partner to provide educational experiences in an area that the individual student is interested in. Monday love-of-learning topics are open to a wide range of experiences from work study to fine arts or sporting interests. High school credits are available for approved learning plans and can speed a student to graduation while they develop skill in something they enjoy.

A wide range of college prep and career and technical courses are offered as well as standard electives including foreign language instruction.

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