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Most students with learning struggles have cognitive bottlenecks as the root cause of their struggles. Weakness in one brain skill limits the expression of other skills.
A child can excel in one learning area yet struggle in other settings. The cause is frequently much more than motivation or effort.

Getting a cognitive skills analysis will identify what areas of cognition need to be developed or accommodated.
Our evaluation will give clinically standardized scores for each of the seven main components of a person’s learning profile. (see illustration)

Through specialized training, TAC develops and strengthens those weaknesses to help “turn on the light switch” of learning and achievement.

Schedule your cognitive skill analysis test today. Call 507-721-2500 or email:

Testing and analysis provided on a free will donation basis.
Testing offered for learners age 4 through 99 years


I had a conference with my son's IEP teacher, and they are very impressed with him. They have seen a big change in him and his abilities to push through with his work. His math has been great. They are moving him up to the next level. His writing has improved.

He is writing on his own way more. Reading is still the same level. However, with his new abilities, they have good confidence that he will gain this last part of the year.

Stephanie T.

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